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I have always had a real joy in pictures and almost anything that had lighthouses on it. I have gotten to visit a few of them some in Florida and others up on Cape Cod. They have always caught my attention and I never get tired looking at them or seeing pictures of them.

Sometimes I search the internet to see if I can find any new ones. There are a whole lot of beautiful lighthouses. They are beautiful to look at and very enjoyable.

When I had a web design business for a short time I used Lighthouse in the name and my logo. I called it Lighthouse Web Design. For awhile I designed websites for churches that couldn't afford the big companies. After a while I was put out of business by Facebook. Many of the churches that I had accounts with dropped my services and used Facebook instead.

I enjoyed the time I had the business and I did enjoy designing websites but really if you are doing it for a business you have to charge for your services. I was giving too much of my services away for free and thus it made it hard to stay in business.

Well, I hope you have a great day and I look forward to you dropping by. I have been trying to get my numbers up on the number of hits I get on my blog and they just seem to drop. I really want to make this work but I don't know what interests you.

Drop me a line and it sure would be encouraging.

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