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Never Doubt The Power Of Prayer

Never doubt the power of prayer. I can tell you from experience that there is power in prayer. You can experience this same power if you will turn control of your life over to Jesus.

Many think prayer does not have any power. Many don't believe so they never experience the power of prayer. Until you see what God can do through the power of prayer you may not believe.

I had an experience I will never forget. A lady in our church came forward and ask me to pray with her that her husband would accept Christ as his Savior. She told me that every Pastor before me had come to her house to try and lead him to Christ but he refused. I remembered going to their house right after I came to the church and I remembered how he had avoided me the whole time. Just as I was leaving we ran into each other and he said to me, "I suppose you are going to try and convert me." I told him that I couldn't convert him that only God could change his heart.

So her we were on the front row of the church praying for her precious husband who all the previous Pastors had tried bring him to Christ. After we prayed I told her that when God directed me to come I would and not before. I told her to keep praying and we would seek God's direction for his salvation.

One day I got up and God told me to go over and talk to him about his need for a Savior. When I got there I wished with his wife for a bit waiting for God to show me the opportunity. Then he walked in the room and sat down and we began to talk. His wife walked out of the room and I looked him in the eye and said, "Are you prepared to meet God?' He told me no and I shared with him how he could be prepared.

There in his front room he ask Christ into his life. I could hear his wife crying tears of joy in the other room as he was praying. When we had finished talking his wife came back into the room and he said to her, "Honey, I just ask Jesus to save me from my sins." That was a miracle and a answer to prayer.

Never doubt the power of prayer!!!

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