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Every New Day Is Another Chance To Change Your Life

Every new day is another chance to change your life. Of course that is if you want to change it. Many people want to continue living the same and don't want to make things better. When you start a new day it is an opportunity to start over. The mistakes and blunders you made yesterday are in the past and today you can do better.

Each day we are given from God is another day to try and do better than we did yesterday. I don't know about you but I fail so very often. I want to work at trying to do better each day. Just doing better isn't all we need to do as just because we do better doesn't mean that all is okay. If you leave God out of your life you are missing the best part of life.

In my short life time I have seen a great deal of events and things. I am thankful to God for all He has let me experience. My prayer for you is that you will allow God in your life and let Him work miracles in your life. Miracles are not things that happen by chance they are things that only God can bring about.

I see on Facebook all the time if you do this or that you will get a miracle. Just because you post something or send someone a message you are not going to get a miracle. Those posts are phony and they are just to make you feel good. Nobody gets a miracle because they forwarded a post that someone sent them. People do that just to see what they can get you to do.

Speaking of posts on Facebook. I hate it when someone say like this post if you believe in God or if you don't like this post you are rejecting God. I purposely don't like those type of posts as they are phony.

You have a chance to begin a new day and chance your life. That isn't something you must post it is something you must do on your own. It is an action you must take because you choose to change your life.

We got out and change your life!!!

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