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Wrong Way Driver Almost Hit Me

Wrong way driver almost hit us the other day. We were driving down a two lane highway and all of a sudden a car pulled over on our side of the road. I was about to drive off the road into a field when he pulled back into his lane. It scared me and everyone in the car to death. I thought he was going to hit us. I think it was someone who was texting but I am not sure. We wanted to get the license but he was gone before we could recover from the scare.

Don't text and drive this is very unsafe. I had two grandchildren in the car as well as my step-daughter and my wife. All are very precious to me and this upset all of us but me more than anyone. I thought it was going to end badly but at the last second he pulled over and I turned toward off the road.

Yesterday I had about 20 or more wish me a Happy Birthday and I didn't get the blueberry pie or pecan. Maybe next year if I am still around. I thank everyone who sent me greetings as it was very special. Twenty is about 1/4 of my friends so we didn't reach the threshold of 50%.

Well for those who were praying for us your prayer was answered in the protecting hand of God. Thanks for the prayers.

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