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WOW Did I get a surprise!!!

Wow did I ever get a surprise. Kelly had me running errands all over the place and when I got home, Randy and his family were here, Abby and her family was here, and Veronica and her family were here. What a surprise. Kelly planned a birthday party for me and we had a cookout and a pool party.

I really appreciated all those who came. We had a super great time and Ryan Erwin cooked the food and did a great job. I swam a long time and got to enjoy the grand kids. Wished others could have been here but I am sure they were not able to make it.

I was out sweating running errands and then when I got home I said I am hot and would love to take a swim and they all jumped out and said "Happy Birthday". This is one of my mile stone birthdays I am bot going to say which one. I would rather if you know how old I am to not say anything. I have many friends that don't know and I would like to keep it that way.

Thank you to all who came and I do appreciate the efforts of all who made my day special. BTW today isn't my actual birthday it is coming up this next Wednesday when everyone will be working so Kelly planned it on the weekend.

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