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How Can I Be A Blessing To Others Today?

How can I be a blessing to others today?  In order to be a blessing you have to make plans to be a blessing.  My biggest way I try to be a blessing to others is by prayer.  Every so often I take my friends list on Facebook and I pray for each of my friends by name.  Many of them I don't know real well but I do my best to pray for them and ask God to bless them in a special way.

Are you on my friends list?  If not you can go to the main page on this webpage and subscribe to this blog and you will be added to the ones I pray for.  I sure would like to be a blessing to you if I possibly could.

If you will try to be a blessing to others you will find that it brings blessings into your life as well.  I don't really get anything for writing this blog except I am blessed over and over by the blessings of God.  I am honored that God gives me the strength to write this blog and I hope I am used to bless you.

If you want to bless me you can let me know if I write something that is a blessing or encouragement to you.  The would be a very special blessing.

Lord help me live from day to day in such a selfless way that as I kneel to pray, I ask that you help me to remember and be a blessing to other people.  It is all about people and being a blessing to them.

Well I hope I see you tomorrow.  Would love to hear from you.

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