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Merrimac Ferry

Not sure if this picture is familiar to any of you but it reminds me of a story I had when I took my car across on it. Shortly after I move to Baraboo I was doing some exploring and I came to the Merrimac Ferry so I decided to cross and see what was on the other side.

Well, when I got to the other side I got a real surprise. My car would start but when I pressed on the gas it wouldn't move. I was embarrassed and didn't know what to do. I would have whipped out my cellphone but that was before cellphone. Several people helped me push my car off the ferry. I went and found a payphone. For those of you who don't know what that is it was a phone you could use to make calls after you deposited money into the phone. I haven't seen one in years and if I tried to explain it to me grandkids they would think I was crazy. I called a man from my church and he came out and was able to fix it. Something happened and the spring that would open the carburetor to let the gas flow had fell off and we couldn't find it so he used a spring from a ballpoint pen and it got me home. A little bit of MacGyver was happening before the show ever was aired.

I wonder what we did before cellphone but this picture reminded me. We sure have come a long way. Back then this happened to me I didn't have a computer or a cellphone. That was why I was exploring as I didn't have Facebook or a cellphone.

I remember not to long ago my car was in the shop and they called that it was fixed. Kelly was at work and I didn't have a car at home so I messaged on Facebook to see if any of my friends could give me a ride. Within in five minutes I got a call and a ride and was able to go get my car. Otherwise I would have had to wait until Kelly got home from work. Friends are sure something wonderful to have.

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