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Preaching the Word is something that I like to do. I miss preaching each week but as we get older people don't want us anymore. They want younger green behind the ear preachers. I was one of those more that 33 years ago when I went to Baraboo. I was young and green behind the years and over the years I learn some very valuable lessons. I would think my experience would be something folks would want but they want a young preacher with spunk.

I would like to think I still have spunk. I still preach the Word without compromise. I don't water down my sermons. Many times the young preachers try to be careful not to step on toes so they don't lose their job. When I started out I didn't really think about losing my job, I thought I was a messenger of God and I was there to deliver His message. I remember the first run in I had when I was at Baraboo. We were spending more money on bulletins than many of our expenses and I suggested we buy a copier and print our own. One of the Deacon's was set on us not doing that as he like the expensive bulletins. One Sunday I collected the unused bulletins and the ones I found in the trash. I was able to collect all of the ones we printed except for five. When I shared this with the Deacon board they all agreed that we should buy our own copier. They voted to present it to the church at the next business meeting.

When the matter was brought up a motion was made and seconded. I asked if there were any questions and this Deacon who had previous said he was against it and then in the Board meeting voted for it, spoke up. Note he had a lot of clot with the church as he was well respected. He said that he had been thinking about it and he had changed his mind and he did not think we should get the copier. When we took a vote his wife and he were the only ones that voted against it. God saw us through this experience and after this he stood against many of the things I suggested. Praise God the folks in the church followed my leadership. Finally when he saw he didn't have the clot he had before he decided to leave the church.

This was a blessing and the church began to flourish after he left. He took the piano as he said he had donated it and watered it back. We gave it back and God provided us with an even better piano to take it's place.

I continued to preach the Word and God blessed. I can't remember how many folks I baptized over the sixteen years I was there but we saw many come to Christ and follow Him in baptism and the church grew. Maybe in the future I will share what happened just before I left. God worked out all the details and we praise Him for it.

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