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Don't Forget

Don't Forget today is the first of July. I love the month of July as my birthday falls in this month. It is very easy to forget things like birthday's and anniversaries. That is the worse thing to do. You don't forget your own birthday and so it is important not to forget your spouses birthday and your anniversary. After a ton of years pass I know that sometimes it can be hard to remember.

The hard part is to remember all the birthdays of your grandkids and your children's anniversaries. The dates begin to run together. Maybe someone has a trick they use to remember these dates. If so I wish you would share it maybe I will write about it and some of us forget folks will remember some important event.

One time I was asked my wife's birthday and I know it as well as I know my name. The lady at the pharmacy said it was wrong when I told her so I began questioning myself thinking did I have the wrong day or year and so I did a dumb thing. I called Kelly and thank God I did have the right date but it made me look foolish. Thank God Kelly wasn't upset. The lady at the pharmacy finally said "Oh I am sorry that was the right date."

I wrote all the dates I was suppose to remember down and I then I get them jumbled. Be sure to put their name next to them. I know all of the main dates but when it gets to anniversaries and dates of grand children I have to ask Kelly.

Just don't forget your anniversary or your spouses birthday.

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