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Here's How You Know It Is Hot

Here's how you know it is hot! The temperature has been up in the 90's and the pool water is hot enough to take a bath. For me that is a bit too hot. When a dog lays on the ice in the driveway from a broken ice bag you know it is hot. Not as hot as Hell will be for those going there but it is hot.

The other day when I got in the pool the temperature read 90 degrees and the heat from the sun is the only thing that heats our pool. We don't have a heater that heats the water like some of these with heated pools. Actually we went on a trip down to Kentucky and we stayed in a Motel that had a heated pool. The water was very cold and the water in our pool is what I would called heated but is is sun heated not by a useless heater that they put on some of these pools.

At night our dogs try to find the coolest place to lay when they are sleeping. When it is cold outside they want under the covers but in the summer they want to be close to a fan. If they had to be outside they would lay on the ice from the broken bag. Our dogs don't have to stay out in the heat because we bring them in the house. We let them play in the yard when it is cooler but when it gets this hot we bring them in.

I think that the two bags of ice that got broken in the driveway were suppose to be put in my pool to cool it off but it looks like they didn't make it, so the neighbor dog made use of them.

Please don't leave your pets out in the heat and make sure they have plenty of water.

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