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What Are You Doing?

What are you doing?  Have you ever had someone ask you this question?  What do they really want to know?  Do they really want to know what you are doing at that very minute and if you tell them will they be upset?

I have gotten a message like that on many occasions and I am sure the person asking doesn't want to know that I am in the bathroom, in bed, or picking my nose (in my case blowing my nose).  What do they really want to know?  Do they just want to know if you are busy so they can't bother you anyway?  If you tell them you are busy they are probably going to still bother you with their problem.

What am I doing right now?  I am at my desk at my computer typing this blog.  What was a doing prior to that?  I was sleeping if you must know.  What am I going to do after I get done?  To be honest I am not sure.

Well, that is about the size of it.  Don't ask questions you don't want the answer to.  My step-daughter is the worst about doing this.  Really all she wants to know is can I bother you with my problem which is more important than yours.

Well I have to shove off I will talk to you tomorrow if you decide to come back.  If you don't good luck anyway.

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