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Here We Go Again

Here we go again.  I am not sure but the numbers fell again on my blog.  I am not sure what is happening but my guess is I am not interesting enough for people to stop by and read my ramblings.  I have not been writing about my events in the past as I have run out of them or I just can't remember them.  It has been a very long time and my memory isn't at 100%.

I am falling apart my eyes are bad, my ears are not hearing like they should, my memory isn't as sharp as it use to be, and so on.  At least I am not real sick in that my health is not real bad.  I can still get up in the morning and function.  My hair is getting thin and I have more hair on my chest than I do on my head.  That is pretty sad.

I still have friends or at least I think I do.  Some send me messages from time to time.  I am not sure what happened except I haven't been on top of my game so you aren't coming back like you use to.  I can't make up stories and you are silent on what you would like to hear about.

I have more that happened at Pleasant View but I am not ready to spill the beans about all the events that happened there.  Kelly had some rough days when one of the members jump on us the month after Josh died.  That was a very low move and very unfeeling.  Those folks will get their due.

Well, I am working on some good stuff to bring you next month but you have to give me some time.  Just drop in and see what is happening.  It has been really crazy around here so I haven't been able to do all I would like to do.

Hope you come back tomorrow.

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