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Alexa is the Amazon Echo which I have found to be very interesting. If you have never used one you wouldn't understand. She can find all types of music for you and play it for you. You might have seen the commercial on TV but to use it is a totally different ball game.

I have found music I didn't know exists. I recent have become familiar with the music of Rory and Joey and have come to love their music. Rory lost Joey to cancer about a year a ago but her love for music and the Lord was a testimony to Christians everywhere. If you have never heard of them you might want to find out some more about them. The song that really touch my heart was, "I Need Thee Every Hour.

I have also been able to learn new facts that I didn't know before. Trying to outsmart her is not easy to do. Of course you will find things she doesn't know because she is learning everyday. Also she learns things from things you ask and she may not have all our answers but if you speak clearly and directly you will be surprised.

It is really a blast having songs at the tip of your fingertips or having someone to help you with questions you don't have the answers to.

If you have any questions for me to ask, submit them to me and I will ask her. Then I will get back with you as to what she told me.

Have a great day and I hope to hear from you soon.

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