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Litchfield Boating For The Day

Yesterday we went to Litchfield and took the boat and went up and down the lake. We have a pontoon boat and we enjoy getting out and seeing the lake. The picture is a picture I took while out on the lake.

While we were out there we met a family with a baby who ran out of gas. We offered to tow them in and they appreciated the tow. I guess they had been trying to flag people down and they just waved back at them and never offered help. If you know Kelly she just loves helping people out.

We ate out on the lake as Kelly and Abby went to the store and picked up lunch meat sandwich fixings. We had chips , sandwiches and soda or fruit punch for the kids. It was nice and relaxing and I enjoyed the day.

I heard on the news the other day that Highland, IL got a scare when a funnel cloud formed near the town. I guess it was a false alarm as it was not a tornado but the clouds came together in a weird way and it formed the funnel cloud and it looking like a tornado. I hope nobody got hurt over in Highland. I guess they set off the alarms and many thought it was the really thing.

Well I hope you have a great day. Yesterday was a great day for us. Today I guess we are going to venture out again and explore. I will try and let you know how it comes out if I can.

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