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It's Official

It is official!!! Our pool is open and we got our ledges repaired. We had two that were damaged by the salt generator, I am not really sure of the exact name ledges or top rails but they have been replaced.

We called all the pool companies and nobody could help us find the parts we needed until I called Inyo Pool Products. They worked hard to find what I needed and they shipped it and I got it in 4 days. We called the place we bought the pool and they couldn't help. We had another place that said they had the part and when we got it it was not the measurements I told them. When I called back they said that they sent me the ledge or the Tango pool. I told them the measurements were wrong and they said I could send it back. If I do I have to pay shipping again plus they are not going to refund my money. What I will get is credit on my next purchase and I also have to pay a restocking fee. So if you order stuff online be careful and ask what their policy is. We got ripped off. The name of the company is Swim N Play, Inc. so be careful. I wish I had gone to Inyo Pool Products first.

Sometimes we learn lessons the hard way.

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