News is something that you didn't know before but now it has been brought to your attention. The problem is that most news is not really news and some news is fake news. So what is fake news? Fake news is CNN. Here is a network that is constantly announcing news events without checking to see if they are in fact true.

Just because someone puts something on Facebook or the internet, does not make it true. When a network puts out fake news that is worse because people actually trust them. They betray the peoples trust when they put out fake news. So why do they put out fake news? One reason is they want to make people believe something that is not necessary true because it fits their narrative. They sometimes don't know it is fake news but they want to believe it so the put it out as news and it isn't news at all.

When people want to destroy the reputation of someone the best way they can do it is with fake news. The so called news spreads and people believe it because they trust the source. When they find out it isn't true they feel bad if they are spreading the fake news. The sad part is that many people never find out that some of the news they have gotten is fake news.

Here is an example: Someone posts a story on Facebook and it is a real touching story. People believe it and past it on to their friends as news. They past it to their friends and so on. Very few people go back and tell their friends that the news or story they shared was fake or not true. So what happens is many people go on believing what they were told because they found out it was not true.

Many go to Snopes to find out what is fake news. For the most part this website is very reliable but they themselves also make mistakes. They usually try to research and find the true but I have found on a very few times that they have been bias. Usually when they have made a mistake they post it and make the correction. Somethings cannot be fully verified and really need more research before declaring them fake or true.

Before you spread any fake news be sure and check your sources. CNN is not a good source and neither is some of these fly by night websites.

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