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Flying In An Airplane

Flying in an airplane is an interesting event. Have you ever flown somewhere? I have flown to Florida and to Arizona and I am not excited to fly in a plane. Not because it isn't safe because more people are killed in car accidents than plane accidents. The reason I don't like to fly is because not being in control of the plane is not comfortable even though I don't know how to fly it. I like to be in control of whatever I am being transported in. I have a hard time riding in a car with someone else driving. I could name a few but I won't at this time.

I love looking out the window at the moon and the stars and the stuff on the ground but not being in control makes me sick to my stomach. I do wished I loved it more because if we did we probably could go to see more people because it is faster than car.

I drove out to Texas to see my Dad and I drove all day and got there late at night and was exhausted but I was the driver of the car and felt better about it. The drive is long and very exhausting but I feel better when I get there. After flying I am a bit sick for awhile until I can get readjusted to the situation.

Today is a wonderful day and whatever you are doing I hope you have a great day. Maybe you are flying or driving, I don't know but I just want you to be careful.

Next time you fly write me and let me know what you experienced. Maybe it would make me feel better about flying.

Well, have a great day and I hope you enjoy the day where ever you are or where ever you go.

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