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Knowledge Is Power

Knowledge is knowing what to do with wisdom. Most people or should I say many people don't know what to do with wisdom. A person can have a head knowledge about something but not really know how to apply it. An example of this is people who have no common sense.

Have to ever seen someone do something really stupid and you wonder where their common sense is? If they knew what to do with wisdom they would have common sense. If you have knowledge you have power but if you know what to do with that knowledge you have even more power.

A person can have the knowledge to fix a car but if they can't take that knowledge and use it they are powerless. Over my lifetime I have met many people who had a large amount of knowledge but they didn't have a lick of common sense or wisdom. Have you ever seen someone with a college degree and yet they are working in McDonald's or working in stocking shelves? They aren't using that knowledge they have acquired they are apply the knowledge they have.

Kelly went to school to be a Nurse Practitioner and she takes the knowledge she has learned and apply it. When she see a patient she takes the things she has learned to help correct the problem the person has. If she didn't know what to do with her knowledge she would lake wisdom.

Some people have wisdom but they just don't apply it. There are many reasons for this. They may just be lazy or maybe they just don't like what they have gained knowledge about.

Over the years after being in the ministry for 33 years I have gain a great deal of knowledge about the ministry. I know what to do with that knowledge but I am not using it at this time as a Pastor. But what I have chose to do is take that knowledge and experience and start this blog.

I hope you will follow me and try and find something that will encourage you and challenge you to be the best person you can be.

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