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Anniversary I Wish I Didn't Have To Think About

Today is the anniversary of the death of Josh. I wished the accident didn't happen and I wished he was here with us but he is not. I think about this day every year. He passed away on June 19, 2010 the day before Father's Day. The same goes for my Mother who died in a car accident Memorial Weekend. The car accident weighs on my heart and I remember it each year. Memorial Day weekend for me is a memorial to her.

The months before Josh's accident I got to spend some one on one time with him. We were working on putting siding on our house. I didn't really know what I was doing but Josh helped me and together we figured out what we needed to do. We got most of it done except a small section toward the top and we had Ryan's Roofing finish it after Josh passed away.

I will not forget those last days and I enjoyed them. I got to learn things about him that I had not learned in the previous years when he was living with us. Josh has a very special heart and he liked to make me think that he was a rough and tough guy but he had a very kind heart.

He had a very special love for his mother and his brother and sisters. He shared with me some very interesting things over those pass few months before the accident. Most of them I won't share but it has helped me to deal with his passing.

For those who knew Josh he had a wild streak but if you were his friend he was loyal. Even when his friends hurt him he was still loyal. I really think that he would have done great things had he lived. They probably wouldn't have been what we thought as he was changing as he got older. Many times as you grow older your goals change. I think his were changing over those last few month.

Well, here's to you Josh. I think of you often and your Mom and I talk about you and think about you. We will someday meet again and we will finish our conversation.

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