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Be Patient

Be patient!! I will eventually do or say something interesting! The other day I posted about "Don't Shoot" and not one person read the post. That is a total sham! You didn't even give the post a chance.

How do you know the post isn't interesting if you don't at least go to it and read it. Many people just read stuff they are interested in and they don't expand their minds. That is why they have minds that are close-minded. People don't want to hear the other side and so all they know is their side.

I just think it is funny when Christians take stands on issues that are totally against the principles of the Bible. Of course they don't know their Bible and so they just listen to one side of the issue and they go with it and many times it is against the principles the Bible teaches. Isn't ignorance bliss? You didn't know that your ignorance could be so wonderful, did you?

Many think that cleanliness is next to godliness. But that is not in the Bible but people quote it all the time. Maybe if they picked up their Bible and read it a few times a year they might be better informed.

It is time the Christian took back America. Stand for something or you will fall for everything. That isn't in the Bible either but it makes good sense.

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