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Back To The Future

I would like to get back to the future but I have been living in the past so long I can't find it. How about you? Are you still living in the past? It is time we get back to the future. We live in the past so much we forget about what is going on now.

I love the stories of the past and I hope that they inspire and encourage you. I have been trying to get back to the future a bit and write things that are more current. Since I don't get much feedback I don't know what your opinions are.

I am not saying that we have to forget the wonderful memories of the past but we can't live in the past. Life is moving very fast and things are happening and if we don't watch out we will miss what is really important.

I don't like talking politics but doesn't it seem like we are promoting a great deal of fake news? If you really find out the truth about what is going on you find out that the internet is filled with fake news and many of those are reposting stuff that is totally fake. Don't you think you ought to check your sources and make sure what you are posting is true?

I am trying very hard to make sure the stuff I post is true. Don't just read the liberal news read both sides. I have found out that I can become more informative when I know the truth. Some of you don't want the truth so you just seek out what you want to believe and you believe it whether it is true or not. That is totally wrong!!

Get real!!!

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