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Sam's Club Hearing Specialist

Kelly and I and the girls were shopping at Sam’s Club and as we were leaving they talked me into getting a free hearing test.I agreed as I thought I just had wax in my ears.

Shari was the hearing specialist and she took the time to explain everything. First she checked my ears for wax. She said there was some wax but not enough to cause my hearing loss. After testing my hearing she showed me the charts and explained what was going on.

Then she put some actual hearing aids in my ears and I was shocked at how well I could hear. We bought the hearing aids and I also bought a Bluetooth so I could hook it up to my phone.

I would like to recommend that you go see Shari at the Sam’s Club in Glen Carbon, Illinois if you are having any trouble hearing at all. I have now had them for several weeks and they have given me a new lease on life as far as hearing goes.

Shari is there Monday through Friday from 9 to 5. You can call her at the Sam’s Club in Glen Carbon, Illinois. I am not listing the number you have to look it up.I don’t want people to be calling her with a link off my page. You can email me and I will send you the number.

I highly recommend her and she is a super nice specialist and she will help you through the whole process. I promise you won’t be disappointed. Check it out!!

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