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I Can't

I can't brag about my love for God because I fail Him daily. But I can brag about His love for me because it never fails. God never fails me but I do fail Him. How about you? Do you fail God from time to time?

It is something we have to work at. I have to work at being the kind of Christian and testimony for God that I should. I fail all the time and I can't brag about what a great Christian I am because I fail so much but God never fails me.

I have people who look at me and think I have it made and that all is just wonderful. That isn't the case as I am a failure. If it wasn't for the help of God I would be worse off than I am. He helps me through the difficult times and is always there when I need Him.

I hear people all the time bragging about what a great Christian they are and they live a holy and Godly life. But behind the scenes they are phony. They have struggles just like you and me but they want to put on that holier than thou look so we think they are something special.

I want to admit that I struggle and I have to work at being what I should be. I fail so very much but I get up again and ask God to help me be the kind of Christian and testimony I should be.

Just the other day I saw someone I know and they were doing something that I am sure God wouldn't be pleased with. They have always put on that holier than thou look and I knew it was phony but I didn't know for sure until I saw it. They need God's help just like you and me so when you see that, I want you to remember that they can't do it without God's help and when they do they will fail.

It isn't a shame to fail but it is to remain a failure. You will fail but you must get up and with God's help work to be successful. He can give you to strength to be all that you can be.

God is always there, even when we don't acknowledge Him. Ask Him for help and He will give it to you.

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