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Don't Like Me?

Don't like me? Cool I don't wake up everyday to impress you. Actually when I wake up I am hoping to say something that makes sense. I would love to encourage you and make your day better. If you think I am trying to impress you, then you are sadly mistaken.

I use to think I had to impress people. I wanted the people at Pleasant View to like me but those who didn't like me still don't like me. Why don't they like me? I can tell you the reason some of them don't like me. I tell it like it is and many times that isn't what they want to hear. They want to be entertained and have their ears ticked. We had a couple that worked hard at promoting to close the church. (It isn't who you are thinking, if you are) They were gone more than they were at church. The people who wanted the church to stay open really didn't get a say and they weren't going to buck this couple that was bent on closing the church.

I worked very hard to promote the church for the eight years I was there. I made suggestions on what we needed to do to get the church back on track. The problem was many were more concerned about if we would have money for the funeral dinners than keeping the church open. Now you know why some of them don't like me I told it like it really is.

Many of those who passed on while I was at the church would have been heart broken at what they did at the end. I loved these folks and I did my very best to keep the church going. I didn't close the church as I did not vote for it and I was not in favor of it closing. As a matter of fact I was gone when they closed it.

If the truth be known the church closed because people were needed to do the work and those who wanted to work were run off and we had a group of older folks that just couldn't do it. I understand that but if we had followed some of the things I outlined in my presentation to the church we could have turned the church around.

What this church needed was a Chaplin not a Pastor. They needed someone who would just preach and not push for the church to grow. They needed someone who tickle everyone's ears so they would feel like they had been in church and then they could go home and talk about what the preacher did wrong.

Well, there is goes I vented and in the process told the full truth that many didn't want to hear. I know you aren't impressed but you know I am telling the truth.

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