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Do you have questions in your life? I think we all do but you don't seem to have the answers? Maybe we are looking in the wrong places for the answers.

When you have a question about a plumbing problem you talk to someone who knows about plumbing. If you talk to someone who doesn't know what they are talking about your questions won't be answered or they won't be answered correctly. The problem with our questions is that we are going to the wrong place to get the answers.

I am not an expert but I have enough brains to know that if my car isn't working right that I am not going to get the right answers from a dentist. If I want my teeth fixed I go to the dentist but If I need help with the car I go to the auto mechanic. Just because they are a dentist or an auto mechanic doesn't mean they have all the answers but they are better able to answer them.

Then there is the know-it-all. That is the person who thinks they know everything. You can seek advice from them and you will get only what they have real knowledge about. Sometimes they will give you advice that isn't correct because they don't really have the answer.

One time I had an electrician come to my house. I had problems with a light in my bathroom. I explained what the problem was and instead of telling me that he didn't have the knowledge to fix it, he tried to fix it on the fly. I paid the bill and the next day I flipped the switch and it didn't work. I didn't call him back because I didn't want things screwed up worse. I called and found another electrician and had them come out and give me some advice. Because they had more knowledge they saw right away what the problem was and they fixed it. It is still working fine because they fixed it right. I finally found someone who had the right answers.

So if you need answers remember to find someone who really has the answers. When you do things halfway you will get a halfway job. When you want something done right ask the person who really has the answers.

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