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To Spank or not Spank

Spank or not spank? Here is a real barn burner for many. Everyone is worried about what everyone else thinks. We are so concerned about that and we over look the fact that when we don't discipline correctly we hurt our children.

When I talk about spanking I am not talking about beating them with a stick or a belt. I am talking about letting them know that they have done wrong with a swat on their behind. The Bible tells us that we need to do so.

What ever way you chose to discipline your children isn't the most important, the most important thing is that you discipline them. When they are allow to go without any discipline they become rebellious and they become harder and harder to control.

I believe the reason our society is in the condition it is today is that parents have failed to discipline their children and they have become so uncontrollable that they are acting out and now we have a generation of rebellious young people.

The other day I was in a restaurant and I saw a child who wasn't getting their way and they threw a royal fit and screamed at the top of their lungs and so the parent just gave them what they wanted. That child knows what to do to get his way because the parent won't do anything because they are afraid of those around them who might see them do something they might feel it too strong.

If you discipline on a regular basis the child will know that they can't get away with it but each time they get away with not doing what you tell them, they know just how far they can go and they push the line more and more each time.

Parents who threaten their children but never do anything are making matters worse because they know you aren't going to do anything. The sad part is that when you finally do, they don't understand because before you never did anything and then all of a sudden you get so angry you do something. That is the worst time to discipline. When you get so angry you can sometimes do things that are beyond the scope of proper discipline.

So if you want to be correct in what you are doing, be consistent in what you do and don't keep changing the rules. Lay down the law and stick to it. Make sure they understand clearly what will happen when they don't do as they are instructed. You will find that they will be happier and so will you.

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