My Graduation

My High School graduation was very special to me. My grandmother Martin who I told you about a while back who came to see me in Baraboo gave me a very special Bible. I must say that I don't have that Bible as of today as I put it on the top of the car and left for church with it on the top of the car and of course it wasn't there when I got to church. I went back and searched for it but never found it. If anyone happened to find it I think they would have returned it but I never got it back. It was real leather and a very nice Bible so whoever got it I hope they have used it regularly over these past 46 years.

At my graduation I was the only senior with perfect attendance my entire four years of High School. I when to three different schools while in High School. I attended Carl Schurz, North Newton, and Kankakee Valley. I was given an award at my graduation for being the only senior to do this.

Now days the kids miss a great deal of school with skipping and so forth. They don't seek to get awards for good attendance. Most of the awards they get are "class clown", football, and other sport awards.

May is the time of the year that many are graduating. I wish all those who are graduation good success and I hope they will take what they have learned and apply it. Time flies by so quickly and before you know it you will be an adult with children and kids in school.

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