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Where Are You Going?

Where are you going? When you get in the car to take a trip usually you have a plan on where you are going. Maybe you are going to the store or to a friends house but you know what the plan is. Some people just like to go for a drive and they don't have any plan and when you do this you usually don't really get anywhere.

If you plan to get somewhere you need to make a plan on where you are going. In life we can't just get up and walk through life without a plan. If you do so you will end up in a life of chaos and confusion. Many people live their lives like this and they wonder why their lives are such a mess.

In our life we need a road map and the best map I know of is the Bible. If we read it on a daily basis we can be assured that we will be able to find our way. God gives us a great many principles to live by and they will help us in our daily walk. If you follow them you won't be wondering around without any direction.

Today is the best day to get on the right track. You can say that you are going to do something tomorrow but each day you put it off puts you farther behind on your trip in the journey of life. By choosing today to get on the right path you are making the best decision you can make.

I hope you will choose to do the right thing today and get yourself going in the right direction. You won't regret doing the right thing each day.

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