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My Mother

When I was almost 8 my Mother was killed in a car accident. She was a very special mother and I miss her everyday but I know someday I will see her in Heaven. She was taken too soon but God know best. I experienced a great deal of hurt and sorrow when she was killed. But she holds a special place in my heart.

Each Mother's day I think about her and I try to remember the times we had together. My memory is blurred because I was young at the time and the hurt cause me some memory lapse. My dad and many others of my loved ones have helped fill in the gaps. I have pictures and I won't allow her to be forgotten.

After my mother was killed in the accident I got a second mother who many call a step-mother. She doesn't replace my birth mother she just took on the responsibility to fill in in the absence of my birth mother. Many don't have two mothers and I was glad someone filled in when my mother was killed.

I have some special memories of my mother that I have never shared and I probably will never share as they are special and personal to me. She was the best and I will never forget her. Today I want to send a special message to her on this Mother's Day. "Mother you are very special and I wish you a Happy Mother's Day."

I hope you will do the same for your Mother's today. If you have them here on earth treasure them and if not keep their memory alive and one day you will see them in Heaven.

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mother's reading this.

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