WOW that is all I can say about what I am going to tell you. Several years ago I was out for a ride on my scooter. I had just taken a ride up to Camp Hugh because I was meeting with some people who were renting the camp. This was back before I had left Pleasant View.

I was on my way home and I was driving as I usually do. I try to be safe and careful and I usually wear my helmet when I am making a trip like this.

On the way back I was making a turn and I hit a patch of gravel and I went down. I had the scooter laying on my leg and I couldn't get it off. A nice guy stopped to see if I was okay and he helped lift the scooter off my leg.

To be frank with you I was really losing it as I wasn't going to get back on the scooter. The guy said to me if you don't get back on and ride home you will never ride again. I worked up the courage and rode my scooter home. That was a very scary time for me. I didn't ride for a week or so but then I got back on and rode it again. I haven't had a spill since, but I try to be extra careful every time I go out. You have to keep your eye out for those patches of gravel.

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