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A Special Event

When I was Pastoring at the church in Baraboo, Wisconsin a very special event happened in my life. My Grandmother Martin told my Aunt Tye that she was going to see her grandson in Wisconsin. What you need to know is my grandmother was getting up in years at this time and wasn't making a lot of sense. Many times she would mistake people for the wrong person. At first Aunt Tye thought she was having another spell but she insisted that she wanted to come up to see me.

When they arrived I was caught off guard because I wasn't expecting them but my Aunt Tye said they would be camping at Devil's Lake, (a campground near Baraboo) and would be coming to our services on Sunday.

I went out to their camp site and I was shocked as I found their tent with a big hole in it big enough for a bear to go through. I went back to my house and got our tent and took it out to them and I helped them get it set up.

Sure enough on Sunday morning they arrived at the church. We went through the entire service as usual and I gave an invitation as I usually did and my grandmother made her way to the altar. I sat down with her on the front pew and I ask her what was wrong. She told me she wanted to pray with me and for me. I was honored because my grandmother knew how to get ahold of God. She began to pray and I was astonished at how clear her mind was. My heart was deeply moved as she prayed for the power of God to be upon me.

After the service I went out to the campground and Aunt Tye said they would be leaving in the morning and they would drop by the tent. I said that would be great. I tried to talk to my grandmother while I was there but she didn't know who I was. The last time her mind was totally clear around me was that day when we were at the altar.

When they came the next day I tried talking to her but she wasn't making any sense to me. I have to say that on that Sunday she came to church her mind was very clear and she knew who I was and she prayed the power of God down. I never got the opportunity to talk with her again when her mind was that clear.

That was a very special day in my life and I will never forget it. My grandmother is in Heaven now she has been gone for a very long time but that special memory lives in my heart.

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