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Who Reads Their Bible?

I was checking stats and it says that 82% of Christian American only read their Bible at church. I think this is a sad commentary. I am not sure what the stats are in other countries but this one is for our country. Maybe that is what is wrong with our country we don't have anyone opening their Bible to read it.

When I was a Pastor I was wondering how many even bothered to bring their Bibles. They expect the Pastor will open his and read to them and many of them don't even open theirs. In the last few years at the church I put the scripture on the screen and I didn't really like to do that but some had a different translation and I wanted them to see what I was reading from my Bible and so didn't bring their Bibles.

It is important that we make sure the Pastor is reading the scripture correctly and not changing it. For the most part that isn't the case but there are some deceivers and it is important that we keep everyone accountable.

I hope that you will open your Bible today and read it today. Change this stats to a lower percentage by being one who opens and reads their Bible someplace besides Church. Don't be one of those who have to dust off the Bible and put it on the coffee table when the Pastor stops for a visit.

Take time today to allow God to speak to you through His word. Be part of the 18% that does read their Bible someplace other than Church.

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