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Slow Down And Stop And Look At The Horses

Horses are very beautiful animals and I love to watch them and look at them. When I lived in Lake Village, Indiana we owned horses and I rode the horse and rode her as often as I could. We had a piece of land that was loaned to us just outside town and that is where we kept our horses. If I would have had a cellphone then I would have taken pictures of our horses but I didn't know what a cellphone was at that time.

That was a time that wasn't as busy as it is today. Things have changed we have become a hurry up society. We are always in a hurry. In the restaurants everyone is in a hurry. If they don't get their food right now they just might not give the waiter or waitress a tip. In the line at the grocery store everyone one is in a hurry to get their stuff and go. If the cashier isn't fast enough they might say something to management. When we buy gas we look for the shortest line so we can get our gas fast and get out of there. Driving down the highway I see cars zipping by in a big hurry. The other day a car when zipping past me and when I got to the light they were sitting there. When it turned green they took off in a flash and again when I got at the next light they were sitting there. In a big hurry to nowhere.

Why don't you slow down a bit today? Let someone who is trying to get out in traffic out. Let someone in front of you in the grocery line or fast food line. Stop and look at the horses they are beautiful.

I hope you have a wonderful day.

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