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William & Faith Rivera

Today is Faith's birthday. The picture is of her and her husband, William. I don't see or hear from her but I love her very much. I pray for her everyday and I hope that she has a happy life. I am sure that she is doing fine without me because she doesn't want me in her life.

She doesn't know the whole story about things between her mother and me. She only knows what her mother tells her and that isn't much. She has ask me to not contact her and I have tried to honor her wishes. One day after I am gone maybe she will forgive me and make peace with herself.

I had lunch with her a long time ago and that was the last time I saw her. It has been over 15 years ago or more. I do have a relationship with Paul and we get along great but she has shut me out of her life. That doesn't affect my love for her or my prayers that go up for her. I just hope she turned out good.

I knew William when he was attending Hyles-Anderson not sure if he graduated or what he is doing these day. I pray for him too and I do wish them the best even if I can't tell them.

I hope you will pray for William & Faith that God will give them a strong marriage and that they will be happy. They are attending a good church and I can only hope that it rubs off on them.

Remember her on this special day.

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