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Right And Wrong

If I had to do it over again I hope that I would make more right decisions than wrong ones. We all know right from wrong but many times we don't want to admit it.

When a kid goes in the store they know it is wrong to steal something without paying. Yet they do it from time to time. Some kids make it into a game and try to see who can steal the biggest item. They know right from wrong and they choose to do wrong.

Adults know right from wrong too but they choose to do wrong. We teach our children and grandchildren that doing wrong is okay when we don't do the right thing when we ought to.

How many time have you chosen the wrong path over the right path? We know where it leads but we still go down it. We end up at the same place as before in the wrong place.

Right now there are people reading this who will make major wrong decisions in the next week. Before you make that stupid decision why don't you just say to yourself, I am not going to do that?

You will thank me later for making that suggestion!

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