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Have you ever got to the point you were so frustrated that you were about to give up on what you were working on? So you just give up and guess what? What ever you are working on doesn't get finished.

I can't tell you the times I have been working on a sermon and I am about to give up. Then I think, they are counting on me and if I don't have something they will all be disappointed. That is when I stop and ask God for His help to pull things together. When I was at Baraboo I preached about 156 sermons a year. You don't want to be boring and you want to present something that will be fresh and exciting.

Over the years I have made a ton of mistakes and I have mess up more than I am willing to admit. Usually when I messed up, it was my fault not God's. When I failed to get His help, that was when I messed up.

Today if you need help you need to consult the "Help Desk" that can really solve your problems and I am not talking about calling someone on the phone or messaging someone on your computer. I am talking about consulting God. Read His word the Bible and call on Him in prayer and He will help you get the answer.

Right now you might be in need of some type of help. If you are I am probably not going to be able to help. Bow your head right now and ask God to give you the help you need to solve your problem. It may not be solved the way you want it to be solved, but He will help to you solve it.

Praying is you talking to God. Reading your Bible is God talking to you. You need to do both of these if you need help today.

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