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What Happened To Our Young People?

Today Kelly and I were talking about young people. Parents have ruined the young people of today. If the school punishes Junior or Miss Polly pure breed they have a fit and threaten to sue. Why are schools doing stupid stuff these days? Because they are afraid of what the parents are going to do.

So now they can't play tag because someone may be able to run faster than someone else and they might get offended. They can't play dodgeball because someone might throw the ball too hard and someone will get hurt.

When I was a kid we played all kinds of games on the playground and we turned out right. Sure we got a few bruises and bumps but we were the better for it. We didn't go crying to our parents that we were mistreated. We drank from the outdoor faucet, we played in the dirt, we rode our bikes without helmets, we played baseball and didn't get a trophy if we didn't win, and we are the better for it.

The problem is the parents have ruined our society by coddling their kids. Why do you think we have kids killing themselves because someone calls them a name. I am not saying we should allow bullying but our kids don't stand up for themselves because their parents fight all their battles.

When I was a kid if you did something wrong on the bus you were kicked off. Now if the driver kicks someone off the bus he will get fired and the school or the bus company will get sued. We live in a sue everyone society.

What is wrong with our society? We have let people take away our rights. They removed the Bible from school, they don't discipline anymore (they might get sued), can't pray in school, and on and on.

I am sorry about the rant but someone needs to take the responsibility for the mess our young people are becoming. You keep coddling your kids and grandkids and they will be messed up just like the rest of society.

I guess you didn't get to this paragraph as you quit reading. You know why? You don't care if the world goes to Hell or not. If you had some guts you would try to make a difference.

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