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Mount Rushmore

In 2011 I was honored to be able to visit Mount Rushmore. This is an awesome sight and if you can view it from a distance on the way in, it is breath taking. I had always wanted to visit this landmark but never thought I would be able to. So after visiting I was able to take it off my bucket list.

I have seen pictures many times and many of the photographers have done a great job at making it look great. But I have to tell you that seeing it in person is even better. This picture was taken while we were there. We took loads of pictures but I can't post them all on here.

We were able to see many sites on our way to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Kelly had a seminar there and so we drove out and visited many of the sites on the way and back. It was an awesome trip I would highly recommend it to you.

When we were driving through one of the national parks on the way back we saw a little baby bear on the side of the road. It was really cool but we didn't stay long as the mommy bear I am sure was near by and we didn't want any accidental meetings.

We also got to see Buffalo up real close when we were driving through one of the areas they were roaming around the road. We stopped and took some pictures. We were glad we didn't see any stampedes but we did look for Buffalo Bill but he wasn't available.

Over the years we have taken pictures of all the state signs when we visit a new state. Lately we haven't been to any new states but we have visited a large number of them. I use to have a website that had all those pictures but I don't have that website anymore.

I hope you get the opportunity to visit this and many of the other sites out west. I know you won't regret the trip if you take it.

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