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Circus World Museum - Baraboo, Wisconsin

This is the most interesting piece of circus history. While I lived in Baraboo and was a Pastor the circus gave me a few complementary tickets to give to families who were visiting my church. It was a nice gesture on the part of the circus as it helped them and it was a plus for us also.

If you are ever in Baraboo I highly recommend a visit to this museum. They have a big top presentation as well as many exhibits that share the history of the circus. In the city of Baraboo the Ringling Brothers lived there when the circus was located there. You can drive by many of the houses that they lived in when they lived there. Many of them are buried in the Baraboo cemetery and they have huge mausoleums where they are buried.

While I was living in Baraboo there was one descendant of the Ringling Family but they have since died. I had the opportunity to go in the house and visit with them years ago when I was the Pastor in Baraboo. The house's they lived in are huge and breath taking.

They use to have tours that took you around to all the homes I am not sure if they still have it you can ask at the museum, I am sure they would know. They had a trolley that took you on a tour around the town and showed you all the history of the Ringling Family.

You can goggle the Circus World Museum and you can find out more information about their hours and all they have to offer. Hope you get to visit there as it is a real piece of history.

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