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Are You Crazy?

If you talk about things people don't understand they think you are crazy. Why is that? Because people don't like the things they don't understand. So if you talk about something someone doesn't understand they think you are crazy.

When we think about creation and God we don't understand it all but we know it is true. Others think we are nuts and they want to try and mark us as the crazy one when really they are. The fact is one day we will all stand before God to give an account. Just because you don't understand God and the creation He created doesn't make you nuts. Even if we don't believe it we will all have to stand before God to give an account

I think of all the people who think I am crazy for what I believe about God. They may think I am crazy today but one day when we stand before God they will have to face the truth.

I would rather someone think I am crazy now here on earth than on that day when I stand before God. Because when I stand before God they will know I am not crazy and then the question becomes were they crazy for rejecting God? When everyone stands before God and He checks the book to see if their name is in there, we will know who was crazy then.

Today I know where I am going and one day I will meet my Savior. If you think I am crazy because I believe that, I am okay with that. But if you reject God and His salvation and you go to an everlasting Hell then I will think you are crazy.

I hope you make the right decision.

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