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Friends And Family

Do you have any friends? I am sure you are going to say yes? Everyone thinks they have friends. We all have family of some type but friends are different.

A friend is that person who is there for you when things get tough. They worry about you when you are sick, they pray for you when you are discouraged, they listen to you when you need someone to talk too, and on and on.

Many people think they have friends when actually they are only acquaintances. They want you to be there for them but they aren't there for you. If they need something they expect that you will help them get what they want. A true friend doesn't seek to get they seek to give.

The other question is are we a friend to anyone? If you are really a friend you will do your best to be there for the person who is your friend. Friendship isn't all it is cracked up to be and most of us are bad friends.

Family is another interesting factor. Those who are our blood family are connected whether you want to be or not. Sometimes we neglect out family and we don't support them like we should. Usually that doesn't mean you don't love them but I am sure they wonder.

Several reason why this happens. We have our own lives and we become so wrapped up in them that we fail to take time for them. It seems there is never enough time to do all the things we need to do everyday. Because we have so much family it is hard to give all of them the time we should.

I feel terrible as I know I fail in this area. I love all of my family but I am not able to let them know as I get so busy with my day to day activities. Take for instance my brothers and sister. I love them each very much but I don't touch base with them as often as I should. I do text them and I send them messages on Facebook as I don't know what their schedule is.

I have an Uncle and Aunt in Arizona that I love very dearly. They have been very good to me and my family and I wish I was able to do more for them and I wished I could see them more often but time and distance becomes a large barrier. What do we do to fix it? I am not sure.

My Dad and step-mom live in Texas and I worry about them. I try to call every week but my life gets busy and sometimes I am not able to do so. I wish I had more time to do more things but I have my own family that I have so much I don't get done because I am doing other things.

Then there is all the Aunt, Uncles, cousins, inlaws, outlaws, and so forth and we never have enough time for them all. I love them all and I think about them regularly and I pray for them but I don't talk to them like I use to.

Think about it and try taking some type of action. That is what I am thinking about this morning.

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