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Give Me Strength

On a regular basis I pray for additional strength because it need it. Lately I am needing it more than usual. Do you read Facebook at all? The more I read it the more I know we have morons that are posting without thinking. Just incase you are wondering, yes I have posted stuff that I have regretted. Just the other day I had the opportunity to remove something stupid I posted. So I removed it and I am trying not to post stuff that is stupid.

I do post some serious stuff if you follow me. Sometimes I may not seem to be serious but I think when people attack God's servant and His church that is serious stuff. I pray to God to give me the strength to do what is right in each of these situations. God has told us to rebuke, correct, encourage, challenge and so on and so that is our mission.

How many times do you pray for God to give you the extra strength you need to do the things you know He wants you to do? It isn't wrong to ask God to give you strength you need to accomplish what He wants you to do. The Bible tells us that when we are weak He is strong and He can help us through those difficult times.

Samson was the strongest man in the Bible. He had some exceptional strength that was given to him. At a point in his life he took that strength and used it improperly. He then forgot the one who gave him that strength. To make a long story short he told someone, Delilah where his strength came from and she was able to take it away from him. Later when he was put between the two main pillars that held up the building he ask God to give him his strength once again. He finally remembered where his strength came from. He killed more in his death than through his whole life.

One simple prayer can be prayed to help you through those difficult time, "Give me strength".

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