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Closed Minded People

I don't expect the closed minded people to read this but I wanted to write it anyway. I have read a great deal of different views on Facebook. I don't always agree with them but I read them with an open mind. The other day I was reading a post from a friend's friend, and this person had a totally closed mind. They were running off at the mouth and for the most part they don't even know what they are talking about. Not because I have a closed mind but because I listened to what they had to say and it didn't make any sense. Don't these people know that they don't make sense?

I have said some stupid things in my life and I have ran off at the mouth but I have the guts to admit my mistake and try to make it right. These closed minded people I am talking about just keep running off at the mouth and they only show their ignorance.

Just in case one of these closed minded people reads this, open up your mind and listen to what others say. You aren't always right and maybe someone else has something intelligent to say and it might do you good to listen.

I don't talk about politics on here but I am just going to say this one thing. I don't always agree with everything that our government does but I listen and make intelligent decisions. I don't just repeat the talking points of some of the mindless politicians. Some of you closed minded people are just repeating the talking points of someone else. Why don't you think up something original that you figure out by thinking for yourself? Quit letting them tell you what to think.

Also when someone says never anything good about the other side, they are wrong! Both sides are not completely wrong every time. You are just closed minded and can't think for yourself. Open up your brain and think for yourself. If you do you will see some of the stuff you say is stupid. Quit acting like and talking like Nancy Pelosi. She has said some things that make sense but she has said a lot of stupid stuff.

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