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Scams on The Cellphone

I was wondering how many of you out there get people calling you with scams on your cellphone? I get so many now that I usually just hang up after the first few seconds. I am getting really tired of it and I think something ought to be done. I think it is the phone companies who promote this as it gives them more money when all these unnecessary calls come through. I think they could stop it but it is more money in their pockets.

I hope that those of you with cellphone will learn cellphone safety. My wife's mother lost seven thousand dollars because someone called and told her that her grandson needed to be bailed out of jail. She never called him she just sent the money. Kelly found out about a lot of the scams she was taken advantage of after she passed. She was a sweet and generous lady but everyone needs to be careful these days.

Remember that people who you have accounts with don't call you and ask you to verify your account. They don't need your SS number or passwords and if someone asks you need to hang up. The other day I had someone call from the Department of Treasury and they said if I didn't sent them $5,000 dollars I would be in jail before the end of the week. It was just another scam and I hung up on him. Most of the time they don't know who they are talking to so don't tell them.

Don't give them any numbers and don't play games with them they are very smart. If they don't know who you are or anything about you that is better. Don't play games with fire!!!

Well that is about all I have to say. Please be safe when talking on your cellphone.

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