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If You Think That Is Bad You Ought To...

If you think you are going to find out what this post is about you are going to have to read more than the first paragraph. I know some of you read the first line or so and if you don't like what is being said you click out. If you want my opinion I am going to give it to you and if you don't want my opinion I am going to give it to you. I think you ought to at least give me a chance to finish my thought before you shut me off.

Many of those who follow my blog know that sometimes I talk about bad things that happen and sometimes I talk about good things. Today I am going to share a bad incident. So... if you think that is bad you ought to listen to my next paragraph.

When I was Pastor at Pleasant View I had many wonderful folks that I dearly loved. I also had some folks that would go to any means to try and make me want to quit or do something that I shouldn't do. I don't know exactly when it started but sometime after I had been at Pleasant View for a few years, a unnamed person began googling my sermon titles during the message. If you want to know what I think about this I think they are lower than a cockroach to do such a thing. For one thing I used titles that other people preachers may have used and if they had a catchy title I might use it. Then what this person did was to get together with other people and suggest I was using someone else's sermon. For me to do that I would have to have a super memory as I use an outline and I cannot remember everything someone might have said or not said, in a sermon they might have preached. All of the sermons they accused me of plagiarizing were sermons that I paid a fee to use ideas from these people. I am not going to go down and list them all but I paid for the sermon ideas to give me something to start with.

When you write over 104+ sermons a year you need help getting a jump start on ideas. I am going to share one of the titles I used. "Choosy Mom's Choose Jesus". If you recorded my sermon you would find out that my sermon was much shorter than the 12+ pages of the sermon they googled. My sermon was 3 pages long. That included my introduction and my outline and my closing.

I am being nice by not naming those involved in this disgusting endeavor. It caused grief in my life and cause a stir in the church. The people involved did not follow any biblical principles when confronting this situation. They sent out a letter to all the people in the church and they never even contacted me. Of course, I got wind of their action and confronted them. Guess what they also did? Because their letter was extremely long and they had about 20 pages or more they went into the church office and used the churches paper and copier to make copies to send these letters out. I don't know if they used church money to mail them.

Now I bet you are sorry you read this post. Well, that is my side of the story. They lied and they tried to make me look like a fool and what they did was make themselves look very foolish.

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