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The other day I announced I was going to name names and I thought for sure I would get some negative response for some of those on my Facebook but it appears that they don't read the blog. I guess I could pretty much say anything and they wouldn't know the difference.

I thought I might rub someone's feathers wrong and they might contact me. I did print some incorrect information a month ago or so and I got some feedback and so I corrected it. I guess if they don't read the blog then it doesn't matter what I say.

When I was at the church at Pleasant View, I had one of the church people goggling me and she found a private blog I had for family and she shared it with others in the church. I had shared some things that I was disappointed about with other family members not thinking that they might be trying to dig up dirt and cause a problem. I have since deleted that blog. Now I don't care because I am not their Pastor anymore. They were very nasty and vindictive and I have put it in God's hands and he is taking care of it better than I can.

One of the people who was so vindictive has lots of skeletons in her closet and she doesn't know it but I had some of her so call friend's of hers share them with me. They are not really friends as they don't like her but they wanted to give her a dose of her own medicine. I am not the kind of guy who is nasty like they were. I have kept the information to myself.

I have found that people share things with the Pastor because they trust him not to share it with others. I had many folks in the church that did that and I have never shared anything with anyone that someone shared with me.

At one time while I was Pastor at Pleasant View we had a breakfast that several Pastor's attended. It was an unspoken rule that what we shared was not to be shared with anyone. I shared something that was going on at church and one of the Pastor's went to one of my Deacon's and shared it. I think he was hoping to get in good with him. It kind of backfired on him. I never approached him about it but I never shared anything when he was around. I have found out if you can't keep people's personal information they share with you to yourself, they will no longer trust you and they won't share things with you.

Well, I guess I vented a bit. Hoping all is going good for you on this wonderful day.

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