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I Am Naming Names

Let the fireworks begin. We are going to be naming names in this post. I wonder how many of you who are reading this blog read the entire post? The reason I ask is because I get a report on how many hits my blog gets and an average how long a person stays on the post. Either you all are speed readers or you aren't reading them or you are just looking to see if you like the subject.

I am going to name some names to see if I get any response from this post. I want to mention John and Debbie who are two good friends of mine and I have been praying for them for a long time. Do you ever worry about friends? Do you wonder how they are doing? Jim & Linda are another two of my friends who I haven't seen in awhile but I appreciate them very much. Both of theses couples are very special to me.

I have some Pastor friends, Rev. Charles Woodard, Rev. Dennis Mintner & Rev. Joe Fletcher who are great servants of God. Did you know that many times the men of God don't get the encouragement that they deserve? Rev. Russ Chitwood is another good preacher and probably doesn't get the encouragement he deserves. How about Rev. Donald Key do any of you know him? Have you prayed for him lately? Here is a name we all know, Rev. Steve Gray. What do you know about him lately? What about Evangelist like Rev. Cliff Clark? Have you prayed for him lately? I bet he could use some encouragement. Dr. Jim Pratt works hard and many don't realize all he does for our denomination. I have to mention my dad Rev. Sam Martin, Sr. and his brother Dr. D.B. Martin. Oh I just remember my cousin, Dr. Jack Simons who I greatly admire. How could I let that go without a note of praise. How many of you know Rev. Ken Slater? He has been a real encourager to me, a real Barnabus. What a blessing someone can be when they want to. These are God's servants.

I have a friend who is an electrician and a wonderful friend, Dan Mustain. I pray for him on a regular basis.

Molly is my cousin and she means a great deal to me. She is a very special person. Her daughter Vanessa is a special lady too. She is a real encourager too. I didn't mention my brothers and sister. They are special too. Mary, Tommie, and Dan who are great siblings. What about my son Paul and my daughter Faith? I love them both and they will never know how much I miss them.

Clyde & Eileen who have been special friends for many years. I still think of them often.

My Uncle Glenn & Aunt Joann are two of the best of the best. They have been very good to me over the years. They will never know how much I appreciate them. They are very special too.

Jack & Myra are two great people. They both have hearts of gold.

Dianne and Jerry have been great in-laws. I don't have very many I have a good relationship with but they are great.

I missed a bunch of you I will get you next time so you better be reading so you know what I said about you.

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