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Do You Swear?

I am going to take a stab in the dark and say no. Did I guess wrong? I sure hope not as I think it is not the proper thing to do. Did you know that sometimes you are perceived as swearing when you aren't?

Several years ago, I guess it was more than several as it was almost 25 years ago. I was in a situation where I got very angry and I said some things that I shouldn't have said and I blew off a lot of steam. I didn't swear but I was very angry. Several days later I was with one of the people I was with on the day I lost my temper. They began swearing up a blue streak. I rebuked them for doing so and I told them that it was not proper to use that kind of language.

Guess what they said? Why are you rebuking me just the other day you swore and cursed everyone in sight? I said no I didn't swear, I was very angry but I didn't use any swear words. The people said it sure did sound like it to me. Guess what? They didn't hear the actual words they just saw the actions. When I got mad they saw the way I acted and it was how they acted when they got mad and so they just assumed that when words came out of my mouth they were the same words they use.

Remember this that sometimes our very actions appear as if we are swearing even if we are not. Actions speak louder than words and it can hurt your testimony with those who are around you.

Recently, I got angry around my grandchildren. I did not swear but if you ask them they thought I did. They went so far as to tell their mother that I swore. I did everything to try and clear the air but I could not change their thinking.

Can I admonish you? Watch the way you act because others may see you differently than you want them to see you. The best way to act is remember that God sees you 24/7 so act accordingly.

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