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Noah's Ark & The Creation Museum

We just got back on April 9th from a trip to Kentucky to visit Noah's Ark and the Creation Museum. It is an ark that is built to the biblical measurements given to Noah. (It isn't the actual ark that Noah used but a replica.) It was well work the visit and I was totally impressed. The Museum was awesome and I was pleased at how it presented the biblical account. I want to recommend it to you if you can go it is well worth the visit. (Please note: There is a great deal of walking. They have wheelchairs, strollers and such that you can rent. Be prepared but it is awesome.

We drove down on Thursday and stopped on the way down at a motel between here and there and then got up early the next day and drove the rest of the way. We checked into our Hotel and went out to eat at a Mexican restaurant down the street form the ark. Then we went to the ark and walked from one end to the other. Take your time and look at everything as it is a piece of history, biblical history.

After we got done we went back to our Hotel and went swimming for an hour or so. The kids loved it and we had a great time. Then we order a Pizza from Papa John's and pigged out. The pizza was very good too.

Then we got a good nights sleep and we went to the Creation Museum the next day. You want to plan your day at the museum as there is lots to see and you don't want to miss anything. We walked through the entire place and enjoyed it very much. I believe you would enjoy it too. I can't believe anyone not believing in God after seeing all the things we saw.

I noticed a Pastor there with people from his church and he was teaching them as they went through the museum. It was impressive and there is much to learn and take in.

After the day at the museum we went back to our Hotel and rested a bit and then went swimming for an hour or so. Then we went back to our room and got a good nights sleep and headed home the next day.

We drove the entire way home and only stopped a couple of times, once for bathroom break and once for gas and bathroom break.

If you want further information feel free to contact me.

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