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Highlights Of My First Year At College

After High School I went to Grand Rapids School of Bible & Music in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I met a friend who became my best friend at school Gary Horrocks. We were very close but over the years we have drifted apart. He lives in Michigan and I live in southern Illinois.

While we were at school we both worked at the same place after school. We worked in a doughnut shop, he made the doughnuts and I cleaned the floors and other stuff. The store was owner by Mr. Fairbanks and when we were in school his son was the coach of the New England Patriots. That was back in 1971 which seems a lifetime away.

I also had a Christian service assignment in Ionia, Michigan. I was teaching the teenagers Sunday School class and I planned activities with them over the weekend. On Friday night I would ride home with one of the members who was attending school. A family put me up over the weekend and I came back on Monday morning for school. I did this the entire school year, 1971-1972.

Toward the end of the school year the Pastor resigned and so the church ask me to preach in his place. They only had a Sunday morning service so I preached every Sunday morning for about three or four months. This was my first experience preaching for a church.

I lived in the dorm and I had a roommate but I have forgotten his name. We were not close at all like Gary and I was. Gary and I also had another friend, Robin Bates who we hung around with. We were like the three amigos.

After about three months of school Gary took me to the DMV and I got my Michigan drivers license. I bought a car from another student and then I started driving my self to the Christian service assignment in Ionia. The Christian service assignment is supposed to give you some first hand experience doing some of the things you might do after you graduate.

I didn't play any sports while there but I did go out with a couple of girls. I took them roller skating and we went out to eat. I can't remember any of their names as they weren't lasting relationships. I may have dated one of them a couple of times but that is about it.

Classes were in the morning and I worked at the bakery in the afternoon and then went to the church in Ionia, Michigan on the weekend. it was a real good experience for me. It was the first time I was apart from my parents for a long period of time.

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